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  • CB-FS751B Sharp and Spiral Tip Swab

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  • The Cleansebay's CB-FS751B Sharp and Spiral Tip Swab is an excellent swab for cleaning small slotted and grooved areas. Its compressed, laundered head possesses good firmness and a pointed tip. A compact, rigid handle and tapered internal head core provide excellent support. The precision tip is especially useful for magnified or microscopic work since the tip will obscure the whole field.

    . Laundered polyurethane head over rigid precision tip
    . Compressed, 100 ppi open-cell structure
    . Compact, light green polypropylene handle
    . Thermally bonded head
    . Firm, nonabrasive tip

    . Low nonvolatile residue
    . Low particle generation
    . Good sorbency and excellent solvent hold
    . No contaminating adhesives
    . Good chemical resistance

    . Cleaning small areas with solvents such as IPA
    . Applying lubricants and other liquids
    . Removing excess materials


    Physical Characteristics

    Head material  100 ppi open-cell
    Head width  3.5 mm (0.138")
    Head thickness  3.5 mm (0.138")
    Head length 17.0 mm (0.669")
    Handle material  Polypropylene
    Handle width 2.4 mm (0.094")
    Handle thickness 2.4 mm (0.094")
    Handle length 50.0 mm (1.969")
    Total swab length 67.0 mm (2.638")
    Head bond Thermal
    Handle color Light Green
    Design notes Precision pointed tip; compact handle
    Packing 100pcs/inner pack; 5packs/bag; 500pcs/bag

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