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  • CB-IPA45 IPA Snap Swab Presaturated Foam Swabs For Printer Printerhead

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  • The Plastic Handle on these Swab are filled with 99.9% IPA Solution.Simply Squeeze or Snap the Plastic Handle and the Foam Head becomes saturated with just the right amount of Cleaning Solution. Clean the Thermal Print Head by using a back & fourth motion to effectively remove dirt and debris accumulated on the print head thus extending the life of the print head and maintaining a readable image.

    . 100 ppi, Open Cell Polyurethane Rectangular Foam Tipped.
    Non Abrasive
    Swabs with 99% IPA filled handle – fluid stored in handle.

    . Fluid releases onto tip when handle squeezed.
    . No need for “messy” open solvent ­containers.
    . Medical grade clean room approved foam.
    . Ideal for restricted areas or field service use.


    Clean the thermal print head
    Clean interior components 
    . Clean Computer Keyboards.
    . Clean Optical and Magnetic Head Devices

    Clean Electronic Components.


    Physical Characteristics

    Head material  100 ppi open-cell
    Head width  13.0 mm (0.512")
    Head thickness  3.5 mm (0.138")
    Head length 20.0 mm (0.787")
    Handle material  Polypropylene
    Handle width 4.0 mm (0.157")
    Handle thickness 4.0 mm (0.157")
    Handle length 90.0 mm (3..543")
    Total swab length 110.0 mm (4.50")
    Head bond Thermal
    Handle color Translucent
    Design notes Precision pointed tip; compact handle
    Packing 25pcs/bag; 2bags/box; 50pcs/box


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